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Bloomberg Newsletter: Succulents are "Stylish"

Bloomberg article

View the entire Bloomberg article. My Sunset editor commented, "I think the writer's mention that succulents are having 'a moment in the sun' is a bit amusing. Succulents are the new essentials!"

Jeanne Meadow's garden

What Bloomberg DIDN'T Say...and Should Have

The reporter asked if I knew a CA homeowner who had replaced grass with succulents, so I suggested retired corporate exec Jeanne Meadow of Fallbrook, and provided photos of her world-class succulent garden (see above). Jeanne has been researching CA's water crisis with no agenda other than to raise public awareness, and is a respected, nonbiased authority.

"I've been to the dams and seen how little water is left," Jeanne says. "There's almost no snowpack for the first time ever. Southern CA's water allotment from Northern CA sources has been as little as 5% of what was contracted, because they just don't have it. We can draw on the Colorado River and lakes, but wells are going dry due to the draining of underground aquifers."

Even if future winters bring heavy rain, these aquifers "of which many are reported to be down to fossil water," Jeanne says, "won't be renewed, at least not in our lifetimes. It took thousands, if not millions of years to fill them."

The worst-case scenario might not be far off: As cities that once were supported by aquifers sink into empty caverns, the infrastructure is damaged. Similar to a severe earthquake, gas and water pipes break. Sewer systems and septic tanks, both of which require water to function, fail, resulting in a multitude of possible diseases and food-borne illnesses. 

In East Porterville, CA, where many wells have dried up, residents whose sewer and septic systems no longer function properly have had Porta-Potties placed in their driveways.

"If you ask the State for information, they send out thousand-page documents. Who has time to read all that?" Jeanne asks. She does, and has started a blog, Thedirtonwater.com, in order to provide CA residents "bite-sized pieces of information that they can understand, and that will help them make decisions based on the facts."

In a rationing situation, who should get the water? Farmers? Homeowners? Dare we let trees and landscapes die? What about the fire risk? Yes, of course install plants that store water (i.e. succulents), if available.  Ironically, the State is planning to require growers of succulents to cut back, along with other nurseries.

This is a complicated issue. But the way it stands now, if you live in California, in the coming days you should expect to hear from your local water company about mandatory cutbacks---and penalties that can run into the thousands of dollars if you fail to comply.

For more info, email Jeanne, go to Thedirtonwater.com or visit the website of your local water provider.


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